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As a graduate dance teacher I have been dealing with bellydance for more than 20 years. In Hungary, only a few people were teaching and promoting this beautiful. Therefore, I also had to study to get ready to teach this magic dance.

As a dance teacher, I have been travelling to different countries with centuries-old tradition of dance-art and -teaching to learn professional skills. I learned the most among my many trainers probably from the most lovely and admirable women of the world, the Arab-Turkish origin Kochár in Israel, who was even at that time an elderly bellydancer. When I asked her, what she thought of bellydance, she simply sumarized: better female harmony, which can be created by everyone with individual techniques. After the many-many years - I believe it too. Bellydance isn?t a technique primarily but a kind of therapy too. It?s a secret union among women, it is popular all over the world.

In our country, several people teach bellydance.
That?s why at choosing a teacher, it is essential to have sympathy and trust. The world of bellydance is so rich and colorful that anyone can find, which dance school style and which teacher?s personality are the best for herself, where she can get the necessary help, guidance, and technical knowledge in order to reach the much-wanted inner harmony.

The bellydance teacher interferes at some point in the development and shaping of the female soul. She herself, should be the most qualified in a professional way, as well as in her appearance, behavior, thinking, emanation. She has to consider carefully the body condition, the spiritual backgrounds, the current life, the femininity, the creativity of those who choose to study bellydance and help to find their own individual movements. All this help to find the student her own style in order to become herself therefore the dance will express her individuality, and the harmony which is the characteristic of the oriental people.

I learnt my oriental knowledge from Swiss Violet Romer, Raquin Hassan, Dr. Mo Geddawi, Mahmoud Reda, Nabil, Egyptian Sahra Said, Spanish Lesya Starr, Austrian Ursula Schoppfer (Sula) American Jillina, Yasmina Ramzy, Canadian Hadia, Brazilian Sorayya bellydance teachers on workshops and I have been learning since. We regularly participate in the Ahlan Wa Sahlan International Oriental Dance World Festival in Cairo, where I have a perfomance, too.

In 2003, at the II. Raqs Sharqi National Bellydance Competition ? where Raqia Hassan was the chairman of the jury ? I was chosen the most successful bellydance teacher of the year. In addition to a number of recognitions (eg.: Eastern Dance National Competition 2005: The Most Feminine Artist Special Award, Miss Bellydance Hungary 2007:. Best Group Special Award 2007: Semmelweis University of Physical Education Training Institute special award, etc.) I?m the most proud of my students who participate with joy, bright eyes, shining faces in my classes. My students are successful on many national and international competitions.

In recognition of my bellydance teaching work, I was asked in 2005 by TFTI to organize and conduct a bellydance teacher training.

Meanwhile, I have been looking for the knowledge related to bellydance which is essentialand I think I should teach it to my students as an additional material.

I have got acquainted with tantra, tantric viewpoints and thinking on the courses of Anikó Tatár and Lajos Újvári in 2002. In 2003, I graduated on a communication-media course at Kertész School. Zsuzsa Kertész is still my model. For a long time Gábor Bakó, as dancer-choreographer, has been helping to improve my theatre knowledge. These have helped even more to get in-depth knowledge of bellydance, in the related ?Harem-exercise?s? course, the female-soul school, where we deal with women's sexuality, femininity secrets, self-acceptance, psychological and health problems, the connection of bellydance and sensuality, and exercises which make our female bodies more vital.

For me, bellydance isn?t specifically limited to just one style. You can dance to any good music, which touches your soul. The rhythm and the melody is so rich in world music, other nations? songs, classical and pop music as well, it would be a pity to miss our favorites.

Why should we go beyond something, into which the heart beats? Bellydance helps to lead the women's life on an excellent quality. Makes you especial. Converts, charms you ...!

I get constantly positive feedback for all this from my students during the opening petals of mind and it encourages me to help their self-acceptance and dance -learning with thousands of methods. Bellydance is a form of a woman?s existence that is easily inspires you to live femininity. It teaches you to give from soul, really. It teaches you to destroy self-pity, to accept others. It banishes boredom and everyday quality of your life. It teach you to acceptance, too. It restores self-assessment, teaches you the new feeling of relaxation, self-acceptance, self-confidence and in addittion it keeps you fit, makes you feminine. It helps you to go beyond the inherent inhibitions, teaches us focus and teaches us to let go all that is irrelevant to our daily lives.

I always encourage my students to the following:

I would like to help, to show and teach the basic movements, and then add a series of movements in order to create your own style. It's sometimes more difficult than to strive for students to dance exactly the same as the teacher.

At bellydance it is particularly essential that individuality comes from the lecture mode. Why should we not reveal the secrets?:-)

When we dance choreography on beginner level, we do not do it, because we necessarily need to know, but because it is the most effective way to practice the movements.
If the steps, the combinations are not well-considered, consistently structured, it would be only precipitance.
For me, the principle of gradience is essential. If you learn such connections and eventually integrate into your dance and decorate it with your own movements you yourself will be surprised how easily and beautifully you can dance.
Later, the group?s atmosphere, the laughing, jokes, the where serious, where cheerful female subjects, with the joy of movement, the successes, the experiences ? keep us together. You can find friendships, we listen to each other, share our joys, our sorrows with each other. You can put down your spiritual burdens, you can relax on nice musics in clean and quiet circumstances and at last but not at least you do much for your health: you move! Therefore you will be happier, more harmonious, balanced.

Don?t forget: neither your body nor your age is a barrier!

It is a happiness for me that I can teach this dance and guide in this wonderful world all those women who is interested in my bellydance school. I can show and teach the kindness and diversity of this dance, the special atmosphere, because bellydance is magical and powerful, soft and sensual, vibrant and caressing, surrounding ? it is really magical!

With determination and perseverance anyone can learn it. It feels good when our emotions can?t be expressed in words, but we express with our movements everything, for which there are no words.
Bellydance lessons not only relax you, but also they make you stronger mentally, physically, spiritually.

However if someone feels that the bellydance would go beyond her border, remember that thousands of women, regardless of age and body, felt the same way and they already succesfully have overcome their initial blocks. So trust yourself and trust me, trust in the constant practice and always stretch a little your own capability. Put down your spiritual burdens and you will see it will be easier with easy soul, you will be happier - not only yourself, but your environment to your biggest suprise.

I'm sure, based on many years of experience and successes of my students, that you will be successful by the Y-method I have developed.
The music, the melody, me and my assistants, with qualified trainers education help you learn about the secrets of bellydance!


I'm looking forward to meeting you
with love,
S. Hegedüs Éva Jázmin